Top Tree and Plant Tips
  1. Always plant according to site requirements rather that aesthetics.
  2. If you need to prune a specific plant out of your way every year, chances are you have the wrong plant.
  3. Prune young trees for proper structure, but prune older trees to remove deadwood. The older a tree becomes, the gentler we must be with our pruning.
  4. Always apply mulch well out from the trunk of a tree, never high up against the trunk.
  5. Always plant a root ball high, never plant it too deep. Remember, “plant it high, never die, plant it low, never grow”.
  6. When watering, try to apply water without spraying the plant’s leaves. Whenever possible try to “drip” or soak the water into the soil. Remember, you are watering the roots, not the crown of the plant.
  7. When possible try to plant smaller trees, such as 1-inch caliper, rather than larger trees. Smaller trees come with a lot less stress than larger ones.
  8. When pruning shrubs and ornamentals, try to take as much wood out with the fewest cuts possible. Cut from deep within the plant to give it an open, natural look.
  9. When you need a tall ladder to prune your trees, it’s time to call a professional.
  10. Unless you must repair limbs due to wind or weather, never, ever, top your shade trees. 
  11. Trees do one thing better than any other organism on earth, they get bigger every year. To keep them from doing so will be disastrous.
  12. If you have trees around your new construction site, call an arborist before any excavating equipment arrives.

Copyright 2005 by Peter Deahl. All rights reserved.

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