Welcome to The Pruning School!

It's not just for learning the intricacies of pruning ornamentals; it may be the most fun you've ever had.

At The Pruning School we will NOT...

  • Turn shrubs and trees into circles, squares or unnatural creatures.
  • Become bored with what is too often seen as a tedious, perfunctory task.
  • Be the reason that shrubs and trees cannot achieve their genetic potential.
  • Starve plants by stripping them of their precious food-producing biomass.
  • Stop looking for solutions that create the best growing conditions for every plant.

Instead, at The Pruning School we WILL...

  • Look at shrubs and trees as living organisms that enrich our lives.
  • Help shrubs and ornamental trees achieve their genetic growth potential.
  • Combine creativity and science to help plants to grow as they would naturally.
  • Look at plants as a living community and help individual plants grow and succeed.
  • Plant according to environmental requirements rather than aesthetics.
  • Offer hands-on pruning experience in some of the area's most beautiful gardens.
  • Help you to answer some of your landscape's most confusing questions.

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Can you see something wrong with this tree?

Inside every shrub is a work of art waiting to bloom!

Peter Deahl, Fine Pruning