About Peter Deahl

Peter Deahl, co-founder of The Pruning School, practices the techniques that he preaches in his own business, Peter Deahl, FinePruning.

Offering a full range of residential and commercial arboricultural services, Peter Deahl, FinePruning helps you get the most from your shrubs and ornamentals.

Peter attended Western Illinois University where he received a degree as an Interpretive Naturalist. An ISA-Certified Arborist, he has spent over twenty years practicing his craft and sharing his knowledge and experience with hundreds of garden clubs, schools, municipalities, County Master Gardeners and Tree Steward groups.

Peter's passion for biologically correct, exquisite, artful pruning and plant care is unquenchable. His professional desire is to contribute to the increased quality of life for each plant and plant lover he meets.


Contact Peter at (703) 501-0417 or follow the link below for more information on FinePruning

Inside every shrub is a work of art waiting to bloom!" 

Fine Pruning