So much talk about timing and pruning. Whether it’s about flower production or when’s the best time of the year to prune a certain plant. In the Mid-Atlantic the dormant season is a critical time for pruning. This is a reminder to look at the “Winter Pruning” articles in the web site to determine which plants are appropriately pruned in winter before bud break. It’s not the cold weather we need to think about, it’s the temperature fluctuation on a day when it’s 45 degrees at noon and then 15 degrees at midnight. Chances of that occurring in our area are minimized after February 15th. We are just about there and that’s when the fun begins. It is best to prune all your evergreen trees and shrubs now and your fruit trees too! Remember…where you make your pruning cut on your plant is just as important as when you make the cut. Watch those Branch Collars, have fun and be safe! Peter



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